Beam of Light

2 May 2018

John Light was our star player in the 4th round of the Appleby Trophy, held at Alwoodley.  He was playing as White against Pete Farrell, graded some 34 points higher:  122 v 88.

Careful play by John kept the position fairly level till move 32. Then things went crazy on both sides.  With Black’s move 38 John’s king was trapped and he was facing mate on Pete’s next move.

But Pete had overlooked one small detail ……………….

4 moves later it was he who resigned and our John who was beaming.  And no-one beams more broadly than John when he wins a tough game.

Here is Lichess’s take on how the game went:2018-05-02-fig01-johnlight-pfarrell
You can play through the game here: John Light v Pete Farrell.

Philip May was our other winner on the night.  Playing as Black he beat Mark McGinty who had opted to use Bird’s Opening.  Philip has now won 3 of his 4 games in the Appleby.  With one round to go he is our best overall performer so far.  We hope to have the pgn of his game available here soon.

Round 4 of the Ellis Trophy was being played at Rose Forgrove’s aircraft hangar of a venue at Oakwood.  Paul May was due to play Peter Braham there but bush telegraph has not yet signalled the result.  Maybe they are still playing.

Paul May playing as Black won his Ellis Trophy game against Peter Braham.  Peter had initial advantage out of the opening, but Paul gained a pawn advantage in the endgame.  In the end Peter ran out of time trying to figure out how not to lose.