Back in business!

22 September 2021

We’re back in live session again with the first Limewood face-to-face-clubnight since 11 March 2020!

Paul May writes:
9 of us turned up this evening for the first clubnight since lockdown and John Grasham provided the night’s entertainment by running a 5-round handicap swiss competition. Bob Maltby seems to have made the most use of his lockdown time by winning all 5 of his games, and that’s after not having a drop of alcohol for the last 18 months. Well played, Bob!

It was great to see Eric back at the Fox and Grapes and we also welcomed a couple of new members – Duncan and Neil. Not long now until the start of the Leeds League season on the 6th October.

After a great night of chess, the only downside came when booking the room for this season’s fixtures. Yorkshire Trikers have booked out the room every 3rd Wednesday of each month. The likelihood of Chess and Trikers mixing is slim, so if anyone knows of a potential venue we can use when the Fox and Grapes isn’t available, then please let me know.

It’s been a full 18 months since we last played over the board chess. On that night the Limewood A team was playing at home against Rose Forgrove A and we wondered whether we should carry out the customary shake of hands before starting our games (we opted not to) – little did we know what was to come.