All Four-One

29 January 2020

4 – 1 was the scoreline for all our 4 teams tonight.

But only Team B was on the right end of it. They beat clubmates Team C. Looking at the grades it should have been a 5 – 0 whitewash but 2 doughty members of Team C achieved draws against the odds: at Board 5 Paul Smith added one more to his impressive collection of draws against higher-graded opponents while at Board 2 Paul Masiak also brought home a halfpoint.

Team A had an uphill struggle against Moortown A whose top three players were all graded over 180. Here too our point came from draws: one from Tom Brown and the other from John Grasham, who was fighting a 162-139 grade deficit.

A tale of woe at Team D. They outgraded Rose Forgrove E at four boards and were equal at the fifth but suffered a bad defeat. Steve Hodgson was our only winner there and our only winner of the night against another club.

So bye-bye January! Maybe better results will come with the arrival of February and the season of St Valentine – the patron saint of lovers and bee-keepers. Connection with chess? Well there is so often a sting in the tail.
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