Limewood fills the podium

19 December 2020

Limewood took all 3 podium places in Wednesday’s Swiss online match against Alwoodley.

Top was Kevin Plaxton, trading as chess-bloke, with 5 wins out of 6 games.

2nd, after tea-break tie-break was Tom Leah, hiding under the pseudonym of leahtom (who’d have guessed?) also with 5 wins.

3rd was Paul Johnson, aka ChristianLearner, with 4½ points.

The chat at these sessions doesn’t normally produce much in the way of memorable conversation as everyone is too busy being nice but this week did give rise to the following morsel:
nimzoi7: “corben is your b’day april 7”
Corben070402: “yes”
nimzoi7: “so is mine!”
Corben070402: “how do u know my bday”

David beats Goliath

This afternoon, 19 December, Sylvan Clarke‘s squad of U1450/U100 players, composed of lower-ranking players from Limewood and Alwoodley, challenged their higher-rated clubmates to a David v Goliath team battle on the Lichess Arena platform.

And guess what? David beat Goliath.

The result: U1400s – 20 points; Alwoodley – 18 points.

A Happy, if somewhat isolated, Xmas to all our viewers!

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