4 players go Berserk

9 December 2020

Yes, 4 players went Berserk in the Lichess Arena bun fight tonight. Yet it was still a relatively placid night. With social distancing carefully observed and no alcohol allowed in the playing zone there were no fights even from the Berserkers, no broken bottles and no bloodied noses. Just maybe the odd slightly bruised ego here and there. (For the uninitiated: berserking is a play option found in the Arena.)

Limewood didn’t fill any of the top 4 places but we did come in at positions five, six, seven, nine and ten, taking up half the top 10.

Ian Carrigan, Tom Leah and Paul Johnson were our leading scorers under the strange LiChess Arena points system, with 16, 14 and 12 points respectively. No berserkers among them.