3rd Round of the ‘Individuals’

10 February 2016
A quartet from the Club once again trooped off to Alwoodley to compete in the ‘Individuals’, as the Ellis and Appleby Trophies are commonly known. It was the 3rd round.

The question on eveyone’s lips was whether Philip May would maintain his 100% success record in the Appleby. Alas, the answer was ‘No’.

But up in the stratosphere of the Ellis, Paul May achieved his first outright win of the competition by a sparkling finish against Peter Braham. Both players were running short of time even to meet the first time control – lightning chess it had not been. But then Paul saw an opportunity and jumped in with both feet, causing instant devastation to his opponent’s defences and a rapid resignation.

So after 3 rounds, Paul’s score advances to 1.5 while those of Philip, Alan and Steve H remain unchanged on 2, 1 and 0.5 respectively.