3 – 2 ; 3 – 2 ; 3 – 2

17 November 2021

3 – 2 ; 3 – 2 ; 3 – 2.   Yes, all 3 Limewood matches tonight ended up with a 3 – 2 scoreline.

Sadly only one of them was in Limewood’s favour. That win was by our B Team, playing in Division 2, who had the edge on Alwoodley C. Howard Brears and Bob Maltby both won their games and there were draws from Richard Sanger and Mick Carrington, giving the 3 – 2 victory.

In Division 1 Team A were facing a predictably strong challenge from the University. Dan Hill and Rob Lockwood both triumphed here but the University proved too powerful at the other 3 boards.

Its was anybody’s guess as to what would happen in Team C’s match against Harrogate B as a majority of players in both teams were still without ECF ratings. Only in 1 game were both players officially rated. The results at boards 1 to 3 went Harrogate’s way but boards 4 and 5 both fell to Limewood. Lewis Carroll scored a win at board 4 and David Halpin did the same at board 5.

After 5 rounds, Teams A and B are both mid-table in their respective Divisions while Team C is resting on Rose Forgrove E a little further down Division 2.

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