10 out of 10: the A Team’s first 2 matches

11 October 2017

Well, the new kid in Division 2 is making a mark!  Limewood’s A Team has scored a clean set of 5 wins in each of its two league matches to date.  In case your arithmetic is not up to the strain, that’s 10 won games out of a possible 10.  And it puts them clear at the top of the Division.

It was the same quintet for both matches:  Tom Leah, Paul Johnson, Paul May, Robert Moneagle and Bob Maltby.  Great performance, lads!

Meanwhile, back at the Fox & Grapes this week, our B & C teams were intended to be playing each other but seemed more interested in having a comfortable chat over a pint.  Eventually Gangmaster Steve cracked the whip and everyone settled down to the serious stuff.

The result:  a narrow win for Team B by 3 points to 2.  At board 1 Chris and Howard fought a dingdong battle, keeping  everyone on tenterhooks for a full 45 minutes after all other games had finished – only to end by quietly agreeing a draw.

In Team C, Paul Masiak played his first game for the club and gained a draw against Philip May.  Welcome to the club, Paul!