16 January 2019 Three of our teams had cause for celebration tonight. Team D had 3 ‘Firsts’ to be happy about.  For a start, they chalked up their first win of the season, beating Rose Forgrove E by 3½ to 1½.  Second it was Paul Smith’s first win for the club.  He’s been racking up… Continue reading »

Brilliant result from Team A

9 January 2019 Team A set their New Year off to a fine start with a brilliant result against Rose Forgrove’s own A Team, with 4 wins and a draw. Tom Leah’s win at Board 1 against Warren Dennison was specially noteworthy – a real gem. It is now listed on our Best Games page… Continue reading »

Team B do us proud

2 January 2019 Team B was our only team playing tonight.  They were massively outgraded by a strong Pudsey team – as apparent below: Limewood B Pudsey A Grade range 126 – 138 154 – 184 Average grade 132 167 Readers with a mathematical turn of mind will instantly spot that Pudsey’s bottom board was… Continue reading »

Good hair day

12 December 2018 It was the 1st round proper of the Arjay Cup competition.  [Lumpy K:  If this was the 1st round proper, what were the Arjay matches played back in October?  Were they improper?  Ed:  Don’t ask awkward questions.  That’s just the way it is!] Our top team were playing away at West Leeds… Continue reading »

Bad hair day

5 December 2018 ‘Twas not a good night for our teams. Best result was from Team D.  They only lost by 3 points to 2.   Their 2 points came from a win by captain Steve Hodgson and draws from David Hanover and Paul Smith. The other 3 teams only managed 2½ points between the lot… Continue reading »


21 November 2018 How tidy-minded: Team A won 5 : 0.  Team D lost 5 : 0 Team B won 3½ : 1½.  Team C lost 3½ : 1½ Late news:  One of Team B’s games, first thought to be a win was later agreed to be a draw – it’s all explained in Paul… Continue reading »

Footling problem for Barry

14 November 2018 One of the club’s steadfast foot soldiers, fitness enthusiast Barry Fulthorpe, has been laid low – temporarily – by a problem with his foot. The solution has involved the driving of steel pins down each of of his toes (Children, don’t try this at home!) and will no doubt involve extracting them… Continue reading »

Two wins!

7 November 2018 The A and B teams scored their first wins of the season tonight! In Division 1 Team A had a convincing 3½ to 1½ win over Alwoodley A, with wins for Tom Leah, Paul May and Robert Moneagle and a draw from Paul Johnson. In Division 2 Team B managed a 3… Continue reading »